TensarTech® RockWall® System

70°-85° Face Batter Range
3Component System
50%Minimum Saving Compared to Gravity Gabion Structure Component System
  • Rock fill gabion faced reinforced soil retaining wall system
  • The attractive look of rock fill gabions at a lower cost
  • Value engineered design by Tensar’s experienced team.
  • Rigorously tested for stability, durability and load bearing capacity

For the attractive look of steel wire and stone from a traditional gabion face, but typically at a lower cost than a mass gabion structure, TensarTech RockWall is a perfect solution for many earth retaining structures. 

By using only a single, narrow gabion unit at the face, with lower cost (often site-won) soil fill material behind, reinforced with Tensar uniaxial geogrids to create a stable soil block, the cost and time savings become clear. 

System Components

The prefabricated galvanised steel cage facing units have been specially designed for face angles between 70˚ and 85˚. The face units are securely connected to the Tensar geogrid soil reinforcement using Tensar’s polymer bodkin joint rather than relying on friction alone, ensuring the structure remains permanently stable. 

The TensarTech TW1 System includes advice, training and services from Tensar’s design and on-site teams, pre-construction drawings and installation guidance (including state-of-the-art software) as well as two specific products.  These are the Tensar uniaxial geogrid reinforcement (independently BBA certified) and the welded wire units and polymer bodkin connector s. 

Single Source Solution  

The components of the TensarTech Rockwall system have been specifically designed to work together for optimum efficiency and performance. Galfen coated welded wire cages, high strength polymer bodkin connectors, and Tensar uniaxial geogrids work together to form a reinforced soil wall system that meets or exceeds the industry standard.  Tensar’s experienced engineers, using our sophisticated TensarSoil software, can provide everything from free application suggestions to a full design and supply service. 

No Fuss - No Risk Construction – Simple and Rapid 

Contractors appreciate the constructability of TensarTech RockWall systems. The facing requires no heavy lifting equipment. The cage unit geometry makes placement and alignment of the facing straightforward, and placement of the geogrid reinforcement and connection to the cage units requires no specialist skills. The rest is straightforward earthworks. Typically, no structural foundation is necessary, mobilisation costs are minimal and staged construction is easily accommodated. Tensar can provide detailed construction drawings as part of the design and supply service, and site assistance is available when needed. No fuss, simple and quick. 

Structural and Landscape Options 

Whether you’re increasing usable land or improving property value, the TensarTech Rockwall system can solve your most challenging retaining wall requirements. From building large structural walls to small, tiered garden installations, TensarTech RockWall can blend effortlessly with the natural surroundings of any site. 


The Strength Behind the TensarTech RockWall System: Tensar Uniaxial Geogrid 

Tensar uniaxial geogrids are manufactured from select grades of HDPE resins that are highly oriented and resist deformation when subjected to even high tensile loads for long periods of time. Their open aperture structure interlocks with natural fill materials, making them ideal for reinforced soil applications.The high pH associated with some recycled fill materials does not affect the durability and functionality of HDPE geogrid reinforcement during a life of up to 120 years.