Tensar+ Geotechnical Design Software

Tensar+ Geotechnical Design Software

Tensar+ is a free, cloud-based geotechnical design software that allows engineers, contractors, and owners to design with geogrid in a variety of applications. The newly enhanced design solution features a simplified user experience with all the features engineers have come to expect and depend upon with Tensar geotechnical software.

Use the platform to design your project, customise its specifications and see the cost-savings in real time.

The Tensar+ geotechnical design software platform enables you to:

  • Design and evaluate project specs
  • Compare alternative materials and project conditions
  • See the cost and time savings in real time as you change parameters
  • Analyse the sustainability of your projects.

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Choose from a number of construction and geotechnical design software modules

Tensar+ has a number of modules available to help support your construction and geotechnical design projects. Discover our current and upcoming design modules below.

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Road construction software

With the road design and construction module in our geotechnical software platform, design engineers can visualise, prepare and understand the parameters and requirements of projects prior to construction, including the specifications for stabilised layers. By mechanically stabilising the unbound layers of a road pavement design, you can maximise the cost and carbon emission savings that can be attained through reduction of the pavement thickness in construction. Tensar’s approach utilises the most up to date knowledge of how a geogrid works when included in a roadway subject to dynamic traffic load.

Temporary works software

Temporary working platforms are an incredibly important aspect of many construction projects, providing construction workers and engineers with stable and safe working areas. By using the temporary works design module in Tensar+, you can utilise Tensar’s most recent application technology for mechanically stabilised working platforms and provide safe platforms saving project cost and increasing environmental credentials. Tensar’s “T-Value” design approach is a credible alternative to the guidance offered in BR470 with a proven track record and is implemented into Tensar+ software.

Subgrade stabilisation software

Working on weak or variable ground usually presents considerable construction challenges, therefore designing a secure mechanically stabilised layer prior to construction is essential. By using the subgrade stabilisation module in our geotechnical software solution, mechanically stabilised layers can be designed prior to construction, further protecting the subgrade and improving bearing capacity. Tensar’s subgrade stabilisation design methods and solutions are widely accepted and utilised worldwide.

More modules coming soon

We have a number of design modules that are yet to be released, and these will be greyed out on the platform. Some of our upcoming modules include:

To stay up to date on their release status, sign up for free with Tensar+ today, click on your chosen module heading and select the notification button to receive an email notifying you of each module release.

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What is geotechnical design software?

Geotechnical design software is a specialist program that enables design engineers to virtually build the geotechnical elements of a site. This software allows design engineers to easily carry out solutions within unpaved road design, working platforms, foundation stabilisation and more.

Tensar+ is a geotechnical software designed to work specifically with Tensar geogrids, offering market-leading solutions for road, rail, and trafficked areas. As the industry leader for geogrids used in stabilisation and reinforcement applications, using our construction software alongside our products will ensure you can generate performance based solutions with quantified Tensar value.

Geotechnical design software on desktop, mobile, and tablet

Our geotechnical software is completely cloud-based and free to use on the go – access Tensar+ anywhere, anytime, and any place. You don't need extra hard drive space on your device, or any special requirements to get your designs started. And if your team needs to design out in the field, simply download the app.  

Report, research, and collaborate

With Tensar+ geotechnical design software, your project will be fully supported by our expert knowledge and years of extensive research. The resources section of our construction software contains many professional assets including product information, background on applications, and design methods and training. If you ever encounter any issues with using Tensar+, we have a large number of frequently asked questions to help you complete your project – and we also offer bespoke design support.

Reporting and collaborating on geotechnical projects has never been easier with our construction software. Not only can notes be added to the design for quick reference points when designing, reports can be exported and shared online, via email, or in print format.

How to get started with Tensar+ geotechnical design software

Getting started with Tensar+ is quick, easy, and free. Simply visit the Tensar+ website and sign up for an account, then start a new design or project directly from the homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Tensar+ and TensarPave?

TensarPave is Tensar legacy software that was downloaded directly onto a user’s PC and required a user to request manual codes to gain access on a periodic basis. This was also a design software but did not include the latest design methodologies. TensarPave could only be updated by a user reinstalling the software on their PC.

Tensar+ is cloud based so is accessible from anywhere any time. This allows you to see more accurately savings for time, cost, and carbon against alternative methods of construction. The software is updated daily to ensure that design methodologies and data are accurate. Tensar+ also includes newer design methodologies like LAAMS.

Is Tensar+ free for commercial use?

Tensar+ is free to use software which has been designed for commercial use. The user is given a royalty-free, non exclusive, non transferable license upon registration. Full terms of use can be found here: Tensar+ Terms of Use (tensarcorp.com)

Are you required to download Tensar+?

No, Tensar+ is a cloud-based software which means that you can access this online from anywhere, anytime. You do not need to download the software onto a PC or tablet for use, however, there is a Tensar+ app available for download for anyone wishing to use the software on their mobile device. Visit Tensar+ on the App Store or on Google Play.

How do I sign up for Tensar+?

Signing up is simple and available to anyone. You will need to visit tensarplus.com website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ link. You will be asked to provide some information and then verify your email and that is it! You are then signed up for free use.

Is there a way to change what geogrid is specified in Tensar+? For example, if the client has asked for a particular type of Tensar geogrid.
No, Tensar+ offers you the best overall solution. If you want to look at something specific e.g. you have some Tensar geogrid already on site then you can contact a member of the team who will be able to assist.
What is the difference between the 'working platform' and 'tracked plant' module?
Both modules use the T-Value methodology. The tracked plant module is developed only for BRE470 load case 1 & 2, whereas the working platform module is used for crane platforms and other platforms outside of BRE470.
Does the software detail the method of calculation for the non-stabilised section used in the value comparison for working platforms?
The non-stabilised section comparison is based on BRE470 calculations which can be found using the BRE470 methodology. 
Why does the output show a product code and not the specific geogrid type?
Codes are used to protect the specification and ensure the correct product is used on site to meet the project specific requirements. The codes can be used in your specification and on drawings.
Sometimes we are asked to show some calculations/demonstrations, is this available yet?
We have received feedback about the detail of the output which is something we are actively working on.
Can we add our company name and/or logo to the output?
Yes, if you head to your profile settings via your name in the top right corner - you will see an option to upload your company logo. This logo will appear on your output. Please remember to save your settings once yu have uploaded your logo.
I have really poor soil condition and cannot input them on Tensar + who can I get in contact with? 
The design solution is generally sensitive to low strength soil parameters, so in this instance please contact your local Area Civil Engineer for further support.
When will the new modules become available?
We're currently working on all of the remaining modules. If you are interested in a specific module, click on the subscribe option and you'll be the first to find out when this is available.
Why do I sometimes get a different code for the same design?
Each Tensar geogrid has multiple codes so this is not an error. Please use the code stated on your output and the correct grid will be delivered to site.