TensarTech® NaturalGreen™ Slope System

45° Embankment Batter Possible 
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1 Single Source Solution
  • A completely natural, vegetated steep slope system
  • Creates stable, steepened slopes up to 45° batter
  • Rapid and economic construction
  • A straightforward earthworks operation requiring no specialist skills or equipment
  • A wide range of embankment fill materials can be used; cohesive soils, recycled materials and site-won fill.

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Tensar’s design team can produce a free of charge “Application Suggestion” to illustrate what Tensar can achieve and how much value can be added to your project.

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When there is insufficient space for a naturally stable slope an embankment footprint can be reduced by steepening the batter or switching to a retaining wall. Where an attractive, completely natural look is preferred, or in environmentally sensitive areas, TensarTech NaturalGreen is a versatile solution for steepened slope face angles up to 45˚. The system easily lends itself to the repair of slip failures, in addition to the formation of new steep slopes, and construction costs are considerably lower than retaining wall options. 

System Components

Stability of the steep slope is provided by the inclusion of horizontal layers of Tensar uniaxial geogrid reinforcement at specific vertical spacing within the embankment fill. In most instances an erosion protection mat is included on the slope face to aid the establishment of appropriate vegetation and protect from heavy rainfall. Construction of TensarTech NaturalGreen is essentially an earthworks operation with no specialist skills or equipment needed. The embankment can be overfilled and compacted, then trimmed to finished batter as normal. 

The TensarTech NaturalGreen System  

TensarTech Natural Green is a complete System, including both products and services.  

On-site assessment and construction advice are available as part of this service when required, as well as construction drawings and a full design service using state-of- the-art software. The specific products include Tensar uniaxial geogrid reinforcement - which is BBA certified for 120-year design life - and erosion mats (from others). 

Single Source Solution

Tensartech NaturalGreen system makes it easy to find a complete solution from just one sourceUsing Tensar’s sophisticated TensarSoil software, we can provide everything from free application suggestions, all the way up to a full design and supply service. 

Proven Solution for Steepened Slopes and Slip Repair 

The cost effectiveness and versatility of the TensarTech NaturalGreen System offers clients, delivers specifiers and contractors many advantages over other steep slope or retaining wall construction methods. Thousands of steep slope and slope repair projects have been completed around the globe creating stable, natural slopes up to 45° face angle. 

For steeper slope faces greater than 45° - the TensarTech GreenSlope system can provide the optimum, single-source solution. 


Design Software for TensarTech® NaturalGreen™ Slope System

The TensarSoil design program allows the design engineer to produce designs for reinforced soil walls, slopes and bridge abutments.

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