Tensar® Biaxial (SS) Geogrids

2 Primary Directions of Strength and Stiffness
40 Years, Developed over 4 Decades ago
500M+ Squ. meters Installed Globally
  • The original geogrid for construction over weak soils
  • Invented by Tensar in the early ‘80’s
  • The forerunner to Tensar® TriAx® geogrid

Tensar biaxial geogrid is the original ground stabilisation geogrid. Invented by Tensar, this form of geogrid revolutionised construction over weak soils when it was first introduced for soil stabilisation back in the 1980s.  Since then, Tensar SS geogrids have been used for mechanical ground stabilisation, with over 500M+ squ. meters installed globally. 

In recent years, other Tensar geogrids have been developed and can now offer even better value, decreasing the overall cost of a project. With decades of research, we have evolved our technology to create more advanced geogrids with a longer service life and greater cost savings. 

Product Range

Biaxial geogrids are available in SS20, SS30, SS40, SSLA20, SSLA30, SSLA30-G