Tensar® GlasstexPatch™

15 Metre Roll Length, 1m Width 
2 Products Available; 880 and 660
3 Functions; Reinforcement, Stress-relief and Waterproofing
  • Suitable for hand installation over small to medium areas
  • Small roll sizes, Ideal for localised repair and rehabilitation
  • Tensar GlasstexPatch interlayer serves three functions of reinforcement (load transfer), stress relief and waterproofing
  • Controls cracking in asphalt to extend pavement life

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GlasstexPatch products are composite asphalt interlayer products, designed to control reflective cracking in asphalt overlays. The products are intended for small to medium size applications with small roll sizes that can be manually handled and installed, making them ideally suited for small road repairs; bridging of joints between two types of pavement structures, trench and pothole reinstatements, in immediate proximity to iron manholes, and single crack or joint treatment, prior to overlay. Tensar GlasstexPatch products provide reinforcement, stress relief and moisture barrier functions, as defined by EN 15381.

Product Range

Tensar GlasstexPatch 660 and 880 are high stress performance mastic interlayers, consisting of a coated glass yarn grid and a glass fabric, integrated in a bitumen membrane. This is topically treated with a protective layer of quartz sand to allow for essential construction traffic during installation. The GlasstexPatch 880 has a self-adhesive underside, which is protected with a peel-off film for handling, allowing it to bond to the supporting pavement surface.


Tensar GlasstexPatch products are used in the rehabilitation of existing pavements. These products are widely used for detail repair applications, for discrete cracks, or for localised areas where it is not practical to mobilise for a full width interlayer installation. The products are also used in applications where the reflective cracking is known to be beyond the capability of conventional interlayers. Both products provide a stress relief and a water barrier effect, due to the continuous interface of the bitumen membrane and a reinforcement mechanism provided by the glass filaments.

The Benefits 

Tensar GlasstexPatch  provides a barrier to prevent ingress of water to the lower pavement layers, effectively waterproofing it. It also controls reflective cracking in overlays, and both these advantages come with a third inherent benefit: installation is simple, easy and can be completed with minimal equipment, by hand.

How does Tensar GlasstexPatch deliver three functions?

The product is composed of a high-stiffness glass yarn grid, stitch bonded to a glass reinforced impermeable bitumen membrane. The grid absorbs stress at low strains by bonding with the asphalt overlay, providing a structural reinforcing effect. The membrane aids installation and provides a stress relief effect (stress absorbing membrane interlayer - SAMI) and interlayer barrier against ingress of moisture and oxygen. The product functions of reinforcing, stress relief and interlayer barrier are as defined in EN 15381.