Tensar® AX5-GN

360° Uniform in-plane Reinforcement for Optimum Crack Control
3 Factor of Three Times Improvement in Fatigue Life
3 Triple Functions; Reinforcement, Stress-relief and Waterproofing
  • Tensar has over 30 years of experience with asphalt interlayers
  • Tensar AX5-GN high-profile 3D interlayer delivers three functions of reinforcement (load transfer), stress relief and interlayerbarrier (waterproofing)
  • Controls fatigue cracking in asphalt to extend pavement life
  • Optimum control of reflective cracking in asphalt overlays

Tensar AX5-GN is Tensar’s most advanced high performing asphalt interlayer product. The product is a composite, comprising a stiff high-profile 3D triaxial grid thermally-bonded to a non-woven paving fabric. This provides the triple interlayer functions of reinforcement, stress absorption (SAMI) and interlayer barrier (waterproofing), once saturated with bitumen during installation. Tensar AX5-GN is a proven solution for reinforcing asphalt overlays to enhance fatigue performance, e.g. increasing the life of reconstructed pavements or reducing asphalt layer thickness in new pavements.

It has also been designed to provide optimal performance for control of reflective cracking in asphalt overlays, and longitudinal cracking in road widening. 


Typically installed under the asphalt binder course or the asphalt base course layers, the Tensar AX5-GN interlayer’s high-profile triaxial grid mechanically interlocks with the bound particles of asphalt mix to provide reinforcement-restricting lateral movement of the asphalt matrix. The multi-axial grid structure provides crack control in all directions.

The reinforced layer created prolongs service life, by offering incredible resistance to reflective cracking and mitigating longitudinal cracking caused by differential settlement between new and existing lanes on widened roads. It can also reduce surface rutting, particularly in low stiffness asphalt mixes subjected to slow and heavy wheel loading at high temperatures. 

The Benefits of AX5-GN

AX5-GN improves fatigue life of asphalt base layers by a factor of at least three. It also controls reflective cracking, and mitigates differential settlement cracking between new and existing lanes on widened roads. It can reduce surface rutting, by restricting lateral movement of particles and it extends operational life by delaying the onset and development of cracking - delivering long-term cost savings compared with traditional methods.

How does Tensar AX5-GN deliver three functions?

The product is composed of a stiff polypropylene triaxial grid, factory bonded to a polypropylene paving fabric. The grid controls strains in the overlay by an optimal interlock with the asphalt mix due to the high-profile ribs, providing a structural reinforcing effect. The hexagonal grid structure has ribs in three directions forming triangular apertures. This provides near-uniform in-plane stiffness through 360°, providing maximum reinforcement and effective crack control in all directions. 

Validated Performance

The performance of Tensar AX5-GN asphalt interlayer has been demonstrated both through laboratory testing and field experience.  Case studies are available, highlighting the effective use of the product in solving real asphalt pavement problems