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Steep Slopes

Practical, economical solutions for steep-faced embankments.
With environmental restrictions and ever-increasing land costs, engineers often rely on steep slopes to maximise the available space. TensarTech reinforced soil solutions using Tensar Technology are not only simple to construct and environmentally attractive with vegetated faces, but can also offer huge cost savings – up to 75% – over alternative methods.

The benefits

Whichever Tech SystemTensar is right for your project, the benefits of Tensar reinforced soil slopes remain the same:

  • Simple construction can reduce build time and cost
  • Optimise the use of available space
  • Use site-won fill (including cohesive or contaminated) or recycled fill
  • Tolerant of differential settlement
  • Up to 120 year design life
  • High resistance to seismic loading
  • Often avoids expensive foundation treatment
  • Maximise the plateau area on a sloping site
  • Minimise encroachment into environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Soft face alternative to hard face retaining walls in sensitive areas

Different systems for different slopes

Choosing the most appropriate solution for your project will depend on the angle of slope. Up to 45˚ it’s not normally necessary to have a structural facing, over 45˚ some form of permanent facing is needed. With this in mind Tensar offers two standard systems, both using our  geogrids and 30 years’ experience as specialists in soil reinforcement:

TensarTech NaturalGreen has proven performance for new build slopes up to 45˚, and also many slip repairs. The system uses horizontal layers of geogrid within the soil for long-term stability, with together with surface matting to enhance erosion resistance

TensarTech Greenslope is designed for slopes between 45˚-70˚ with layers of geogrid within the soil mass connected by Tensar’s efficient bodkin method to modular, durable steel facing units. The face is lined with suitable anti-erosion material which allows vegetation cover to establish. The facings lift heights can be terraced to produce varying overall slope face angles.

Whatever your project, we can help

Tensar’s technology has been used on slopes worldwide, and a full range of case studies and brochures is available. We can also provide full technical support including expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing, and we regularly run free workshops across the globe.

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