A12 Jct 27 to Jct 30 NB Resurfacing Works

Greater London, UK

The A12 is a vital route for up to 80,000 drivers every day. Its concrete road surface is now more than 60 years old, and despite an impressive design life, it is now in need of vital repairs and maintenance.


  • Savings in budget, time and carbon from reduced maintenance
  • Improved safety through minimised asphalt fatigue and extended pavement life
  • 40 - 50 years increase in road life expectancy predicted by National Highways
Client's Challenge

Vital upgrades to the pavement have become essential, in order to ensure they remain safe, dependable and durable. Better surfaces are also required to boost drive quality and reduce noise.

Tensar Solution

Tensar’s distribution partner for asphalt interlayers, Foster Contracting Ltd, have built a close working relationship with Tarmac and it was through this that 55,000m² of Tensar Glasstex P100 was approved for installation. The product will help to delay the onset of reflective cracking in the new asphalt overlay and reduce asphalt fatigue, thereby extending the life of the pavement.

Products Used


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