For new road infrastructure or ongoing maintenance, Tensar Road Technology helps optimise performance. 

It fundamentally differs from traditional methods of construction by incorporating innovative geogrids and asphalt interlayers to create a stiffer, more robust structure improving both short and long term performance.

New construction of high performance highways

In new construction Tensar’s Spectra Pavement Optimisation System uses the inner strength of Tensar TriAx geogrids to allow engineers to reduce the pavement thickness by up to 50% for the same performance (saving on costs and environmental impact), or increase pavement life and potential traffic load without increasing layer thickness. 

Traditional method of construction (left) compared with “Tensar Spectra Pavement Optimisation (right)

Maximising maintenance budgets

For road repair, Tensar Asphalt Reinforcement solutions place the geogrid within the asphalt layer, where it absorbs traffic induced strain. By doing so, it can either increase the fatigue life performance or allow the asphalt thickness to be reduced to achieve equivalent performance, resisting both reflective and fatigue cracking.

In short, Tensar Road Technology gives you the strength to add value to your design – together with the flexibility to improve performance whichever way you choose.  

TensarPave: the future of road software.

Products are only part of the story – how you use them is crucial to maximising the benefits they can offer. To do that, Tensar has developed unique and powerful software using our in-depth experience and the latest research into trafficking performance to offer a complete, value-engineered solution to any highways project.

Free and easy-to-use, TensarPave 7 produces designs for both surfaced and unsurfaced roads, with the flexibility to reduce road layer thickness with a maintained traffic level, increase traffic capacity without increasing costs or combine the two for the best value design possible.