Our case studies provide valuable evidence to the effectiveness and benefits of using Tensar geogrids, giving you all the reassurance and confidence you need.

We’ve supplied hundreds of thousands of square metres of geogrid to projects in countries across the world over the last 30 years; here are a few of our more significant highways projects.

Case studies

Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme - Pavement Optimisation

TriAx mechanically stabilised the road subgrade, resulting in a thinner pavement but improved road performance

Myerscough College Veterinary Centre Car Park – Pavement Optimisation

Reduction of both bound layer and unbound layers

Droga Wojewódzka 218 road - Pavement Optimisation

Spectra Pavement Optimisation, incorporating TriAx geogrids, enabled fast, robust and cost-effective reconstruction of a failed section of road embankment.

A556 improvement scheme - Pavement Optimisation

Using geogrid to mechanically stabilise founding aggregate layers saved an estimated £2m on the A556 improvement scheme

A24 Broadbridge Heath - Earth Retaining Structures

Tensar’s modular block retaining wall system ensured construction of a new road bridge over the A24 was completed quickly and safely.

M3 Junctions 2 to 4a - Asphalt Reinforcement

Glasstex delivered stronger, safer and more reliable running lanes for the M3 Smart Motorways project.