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AuthorTensar International

DateMay 08 2017

Tensar’s TensarTech TW3 modular block retaining wall system enabled a bridge for a major road over the new Borders Railway to be built faster and more economically than originally planned.

Client's Challenge:
As part of its bid to build a bridge carrying the A7 road over the new Borders Railway, Scottish Borders Council’s construction arm, SBc Contracts, sought a cost-effective alternative to the originally specified concrete panel faced wing walls.

Tensar Solution:

Tensar proposed its TensarTech TW3 retaining wall system for the wing walls. The geogrid-reinforced soil system, with mechanically connected modular concrete block facing, was faster (and therefore more economical) to build than the original design, while meeting project requirements. This helped SBc win the contract to build the bridge.

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