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  • Analysis Tools

    Proprietary Tensar software or documents derived from application of the software provided to potential customers to enable them to design or specify Tensar products or systems within the customers project

  • Analysis Tools Training

    Education of Customers Distributors or Consulting Engineers on use of Tensar software and/or printed media for undertaking own design using Tensar products or systems.

  • Application

    The use of Tensar products, systems and/or services in a specific type of construction

  • Application-Advice

    Education and information provided to Customers, Contractors or Consulting Engineers on the specific potential use of Tensar products or systems within the customers project.

  • Application/Solution Managers

    Responsible for the development particular applications including technical documentation and training materials

  • Application Suggestion

    Documented advice regarding the potential use of Tensar products or systems in the customers project, which is prepared using Tensar or industry standard design methods, is potentially based on limited information and is not intended to be used for construction without further verification.


  • Application Suggestion Form

    A pro-forma Tensar document which is completed by the Consulting Engineer or Customer giving the parameters on which an Application Suggestion can be based

  • Approval in Principle Form (AIP)

    Document which has to be submitted by our customer to the Highways Agency in the UK when proposing to design a reinforced soil structure with a face angle > 700 within the HA jurisdiction

  • Area Civil Engineers

    Engineers responsible to the appropriate Business Manager or Area Manager for the Sales and Marketing of Tensar products within a defined area.

  • Area Managers

    Managers responsible for all activities regarding Tensar International in a specified geographic area covering a number of States or Countries

  • Asphalt Reinforcement

    The use of Tensar products or systems for reinforcement of asphalt layers