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Application Technology Manager, Asphalt Inter layer Systems EMEA

About the Job:

Improve Tensar market position for Asphalt Interlayers applications with primary emphasis on solution & system sales increase in EH territory by providing an expert point of contact for sales teams in these areas, developing the selling proposition of new products and systems, enhancing the selling proposition of existing products and systems, exploring new markets for asphalt products manufactured by Tensar, collaborating with others to identify the needs of customers in each market sector and actively participating in the development and promotion of new business opportunities.

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Area Civil Engineer

About Tensar:

Tensar International are proud to be a world leader and expert in technology driven solutions for ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement. Tensar technology was named one of Britain’s 100 history changing discoveries of all times alongside penicillin and the splitting of the atom!  As well as featuring in the ICE 200 Project which shaped the world.

We have over 30 years’ experience in researching, manufacturing, developing and designing innovative, sustainable, cost effective construction solutions as an alternative to traditional methods.

Tensar provides proven practical solutions for reinforced retaining walls and slopes, subgrade improvement and stabilisation, foundations for Rail, Highways, Retail and the Housing sector.

About the Job:

The Area Civil Engineer (ACE) is responsible for generation of sales of Tensar products by offering solutions to Clients, Consultant Engineers and Contractors in all construction verticals such as civil engineering, infrastructure, rail, housebuilding, renewables etc.

Sales are specification led mainly through Consultant Engineers at an early stage with the ACE responsible for tracking and providing support through all stages of the project until completion. The ACE will also be expected to build relationships with merchant partners and contractors to generate specifications and sales opportunities.

The ACE has a defined sales territory and is responsible for managing all opportunities within that region, developing and implementing an appropriate regional strategy to achieve agreed annual budgets. As part of the role the ACE will be required to work closely with colleagues from other territories influencing their own customer base to maximise sales opportunities nationally. They will also need to work effectively cross-functionally with other departments such as design, internal sales etc.

This position is home based with regular national travel expected, the ACE will be predominately self managed and is required to provide a timely, effective and professional service to both external and internal customers.

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