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There was a requirement to construct a grade separated crossing between Piastowska street and the Warsaw – Poznań railway line with minimum disruption to rail operations.


Construction of the TensarTech TW1 Wall System was capable of meeting the tight project schedule as well as design life and aesthetics.


Piastowska Street in Ożarów Mazowiecki city is an integral part of the county road DP 1517.

Construction of route S-8 in this area required closing of the rail crossing at the level of Piastowska street and the construction of a new overbridge. To reduce the overall land take due to the limited land ownership, the new approach embankment was confined within retaining walls.  The TensarTech TW1 Wall System was used to provide an aesthetically pleasing near vertical option on both sides.

Modular concrete blocks formed the facing of the reinforced soil retaining walls. Tensar uniaxial geogrids were connected to the block facing units using Tensar’s high efficiency polymer connectors.